If you can’t sleep after waking up at night

If you can’t sleep after waking up at night

Night sleep is most useful. An adult needs seven hours of sleep to stay healthy. Sleep has several stages. Each step is completed correctly with continuous sleep. However, it may not always happen that the night will be covered in one sleep. A sudden noise can wake you up, you can also wake up with a nightmare. Sometimes he wakes up for no reason. Regardless of the reason for waking up, many find it difficult to get back to sleep. Let’s find out what to do in such a situation and what not to do.

If you can't sleep after waking up at night

The clock cannot be seen

What time did you wake up, how long are you trying to sleep, these calculations will continue in your subconscious mind. It will increase the stress. Don’t think so much. Go to the washroom if necessary.

Intermingled with light

The light coming from the window can cause sleep problems. If so, pull the curtain. If there are bright lights in the room, turn them off. Do not keep your eyes on the mobile phone or any digital screen. It will take you longer to fall asleep under the light of a digital screen. If you have a habit of looking at the phone near your head when you wake up, avoid it. Mobile phone should not be kept near while sleeping.

Disturbance in sound

Any external noise can also disturb sleep. In this case, you can close the window. You can also run the fan. The sound of the fan will drown out other sounds. If necessary, put airplugs in the ears. You can listen to a light audio clip if you want.

Stay safe

Can’t sleep, so feeling stressed. Keep calm even if the situation is like this. Keep the body muscles relaxed. Lie down with your eyes closed. Inhale and exhale slowly. Pay attention to the facial muscles. Each muscle should be kept in a relaxed position (ie not curled or tense). Now bring the neck and shoulder muscles to the same comfortable position. In this way, bring each part of the body into a comfortable position or a relaxed state.

After quite a while

If you are still not sleepy after about 20 minutes, get out of bed and read. Take a short walk. If possible go to another room and sit in a chair and read a light book. But don’t read too stimulating books. Do not do anything that increases stress. But if you can sit in meditation, it is good.

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