The subject of the film is awareness about sexuality and occult diseases

Sonakshi’s film is about sexuality and awareness about occult diseases

Sonakshi Sinha started her career well. He made his Bollywood debut with Salman Khan. However, Sonakshi’s last few released films did not see success like that. So this time he chose a completely different film. Sexuality and the occult are the themes of this film. The name of the film is Khandani Safakhana. In a conversation with Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, Prothom Alo Mumbai correspondent Devarati Bhattacharya talked about the personal life of the new film Sonakshi .

Sonakshi Sinha

The subject of the film is sexuality and occult diseases. There are still many restrictions and superstitions in the society about this. How comfortable were you with the subject of the film? 

Sonakshi Sinha: To be honest, I myself was not willing to do the film at first. Couldn’t quite figure out how to portray it on screen. But I really like the idea of ​​the film. We still have a lot of discomfort and shame about sexuality and its hidden diseases. I love that we’re making fun of this dark side of society. We are reluctant to talk openly about sex. Even our parents are shy to talk about it. But sex is a part of our life. Still, I don’t understand why you are so tight-lipped about it. If we are a little sick, we go to the doctor. But if I have a venereal disease, I feel ashamed to go to the doctor. hide it Our effort is to highlight this serious issue of society through humor. And we want people to change their mindset this time. 

Do you think it is important to have sex education in every school? 

Sonakshi: Of course. In our education system of this subcontinent, sexuality is still kept as a taboo. It should be in textbooks like other subjects. Then awareness will develop in this regard among the children as well. And they will receive proper education in this matter, which will teach them to distinguish between good and evil and to keep themselves safe. 

When did you become familiar with the word ‘sex’ or ‘sexuality’? 

Sonakshi: And like the five children, I found out about this too late. Like everyone else, my parents never discussed this with me. They were also not comfortable talking to me about it. Growing up, I gradually got to know everything. But friends have educated me a lot about this. (laughs out loud) 

 Khandani Safakhana is directed by a woman. Is that why it was so easy for you to make the picture? 

Sonakshi : It’s really great that a woman director has made a film on such a subject. Directing such films is not easy. Director Shilpi Dasgupta maintained a very beautiful atmosphere on the set. All of us have been given the opportunity to work comfortably. Never felt anything bad. The director Shilpi has tried to highlight the issue in a very funny way. 

 After serious films like Akira, Force Two, Noor, you are seen more in comedy films. Have you thought about the decision to choose such a picture? 

Sonakshi : Nothing like that. Love to do and watch comedy films. It is not easy to make someone laugh. Timing is very important in comedy. So it has to be practiced. And anxiety and stress are now a daily companion of people. A picture of laughter relieves people from that stress and anxiety even a little bit. This is the greatest achievement of comedy films. 

What do you emphasize more in the selection of pictures? 

Sonakshi: Keep several things in mind. First, see how well I fit the character. I mean, do I fit that role or not? And always want to make films that I can watch with my family. 

 Dabangg 3 is coming after Dabangg. As an actress on this tour, how much have you enriched yourself? 

Sonakshi : You know, I never wanted to be an actress. I never thought I would act. I learned the basics of acting while shooting. I have been learning from the first film till today. But from that first film Dabangg, a lot has changed in me today. I feel very rich now. But I have no regrets about anything. 

Do you think, to survive in Bollywood, you have to struggle all the time? 

Sonakshi: Absolutely. Some people don’t get success in the first film. Others get great success in the very first film of their career. And then he has to struggle to keep his place. And it happens in every case. Everyone has to work hard to keep their place. Patience and devotion must be maintained at all times.

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