Why Intimacy Is Important For Marriage

Why Intimacy Is Important For Marriage

The intimacy of touch in marriage is a unique means of expressing emotions, feelings and love towards each other. It helps keep the relationship strong and vibrant. Creates a unique connection bridge between two people.

“Touch, especially caress, helps release oxytocin from the body,” says Clarissa Silva, a renowned American behaviorist and relationship coach. It is a feel-good hormone that calms you down and keeps you away from negative thoughts. This hormone strengthens the body’s immune system. Helps to make the conjugal bond beautiful and strong.’

Touch or physical proximity has many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below-

Reduces stress

Physical proximity helps lower blood pressure. Holding hands or hugging releases oxytocin. This hormone helps reduce stress in the brain and regulates anxiety hormones. In this state, the mind automatically becomes cheerful and lively.

An expression of love

Physical intimacy is one of the main means of expressing love. Research has shown that relationships that lack physical chemistry and sincerity are more likely to be dull and unsuccessful. On the other hand, relationships where fluid physical touch exists are relatively successful and happy. Therefore, the role of physical proximity in relationship development is very important.

Increase immunity

Intimacy will keep you healthy and beautiful mentally as well as physically. It directly affects immunity. People who are sexually active produce more antibodies in their bodies, which help fight harmful viruses and bacteria. This reduces the morbidity rate of the concerned person.

Physical benefits

Regular physical intimacy reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men. Many studies have shown that spending intimate time with a partner leads to a better night’s sleep. The motivation increases and the mind is always cheerful.

Intimacy and trust

Trust is an important factor in any relationship. When two people start trusting each other, they feel independent. Share feelings with each other. When two people of the opposite sex become close, they become more confident and trusting.

live long

Those who enjoy sex life to the fullest, have a reduced risk of heart disease. Physical intimacy with loved ones is not just about sex, it is a unique way to keep yourself healthy and beautiful.

Finally, touch or caress, both are essential in strengthening any relationship. So focus on physical matters to keep the relationship balanced and smooth, enjoy a happy and beautiful married life.

Written by: Aqeel Haider

Based on Daily Hunt and Physiology Today

Why Intimacy Is Important For Marriage

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