How many days after cesarean section can exercise be started?

Mothers are very worried about their fitness when the baby is born by caesarean section. Do not understand, exactly from what time to start exercise. Exercise can usually be started six weeks after a caesarean section. However, certain exercises should be done at this time, which are suitable for postpartum period.

So, even if you want, you don’t have the opportunity to do all kinds of exercise at this time. To regain fitness, start with light exercise. Lubna Jahan, Consultant of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, should start light exercise such as walking or bare-handed exercise at this time. Strenuous exercises, i.e., those that strain the abdomen, should be avoided for six months after a cesarean section. Even if you want to do yoga, you have to choose such exercises so that the stomach is not tense.

Heavy exercises such as jogging, jumping rope, cycling, leg muscle stretching and weight lifting. You can do this type of exercise after six months. But for the first few days you have to be careful. Due to not exercising for a long time during pregnancy and six months after delivery, the body becomes unaccustomed to heavy exercise. If you suddenly start heavy exercise in such a situation, there is a risk of muscle tension. So even if you want to do heavy exercise, start small. Gradually increase the level of exercise. Then the body can bear the stress of exercise easily.

After a caesarean section, you have to wait up to six months before going to the gym. There also the level of exercise should be increased gradually. Excessive pressure cannot be taken suddenly.

It is better to start postpartum exercises with the guidance of the doctor. Light exercise is best until at least three months after delivery. These exercises will gradually return to normality in the structure of the stomach. Postpartum back pain can also be prevented through exercise.

Regular exercise will help new mothers stay fit.
Regular exercise will help new mothers stay fit.

To keep the future life of a mother normal and beautiful, it is the responsibility of her relatives to encourage her to do post-natal exercises and give them opportunities to practice them regularly.

Raffia Alam

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