What to do if you eat something poisonous

Sometimes someone accidentally or intentionally eats something that can cause physical illness, even death in some cases. Accidental poisoning can also occur in children. Sometimes there are incidents of the perpetrators using poisonous substances. When this happens, many people immediately become disoriented and confused as to what to do. So everyone should have some idea about what needs to be done initially.

The first thing to do is

to take the patient to the emergency department of the hospital immediately if it is suspected that someone has eaten or drunk something poisonous. Many people rush here and there with the patient; they panic because they are not receiving treatment; they are worried. In fact, emergency treatment may not be available in the doctor’s chamber or in the outpatient department, so it is best to arrange for transfer to the emergency department of a government hospital. It is necessary to try to know the details of what has been eaten.

If the patient is conscious, information should be obtained from him about the name of the poison, the amount, whether it was vomited or not. If the patient is unconscious, arrangements must be made to collect the poison bottle or bottle, the empty leaves of the medicine and show it to the doctor. It should be noted whether there is any special smell coming from the patient’s body. If the smell of pesticides is detected or the presence of pesticides is detected on the patient’s clothes, then the patient’s body should be cleaned with water immediately. Even if the patient vomits, the poison can enter the body through the skin, so in case of pesticide poisoning, the pesticide on the body or clothes should be cleaned thoroughly.

When to induce vomiting, when not to induce

vomiting A conscious patient may be induced in some cases, especially by hypnotic or other drug overdoses, but vomiting should never be attempted in an unconscious patient or in kerosene or acid-like poisoning. Vomiting from an unconscious patient may enter the airways, while kerosene or oily substances, which are lighter than water, easily enter the airways. As acid or alkaline substances cause inflammation of the esophagus, vomiting increases the risk of further damage to the esophagus, so in some cases, vomiting may cause further complications. And if there is a need to induce vomiting, then mixing salt in water or eating bitter things can be tried. However, these matters should never be wasted. As soon as possible, arrangements should be made to reach the patient in the emergency department.

If the patient is unconscious, excessive salivation, vomiting, then the patient should be turned to the left, otherwise it may enter the respiratory system and cause fatal conditions. Artificial respiration should be administered if the patient has difficulty breathing.

However, it is better to prevent accidents before they happen. Any kind of toxic substances, medicines etc. should be kept in a separate place. Apart from this, in order to avoid the use of poisonous substances by criminals on the streets, one must not socialize with a stranger or take food or drink given by a stranger. If feeling sick immediately after eating any food, help can be sought immediately from the police or other passersby. And if you see someone unconscious on the way, it is important to take them to the nearest hospital.

Dr. Shahnur Sharmin : Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

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